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Couch Combo Set Sale

10 Seater Event couch combo R5500.00.
L Shape couch(2 Couches-2 and 3 seater)
1 Coffe Table
2 round ottomans
3 Square ottomans

All for this R5500.00

If you want with Non waterproof Stretch tent You add R1500...size 3.4x 5 meter.
Comes with Poles,pegs and ropes.

20 Seater-R8900 

U shape x2
L couch(2 couches-2 and 3 seater)
Round coffe table
Square plain coffe table
1 x three seater ottoman
3 Round ottomans
3 Square Ottomans 

30 Seater-R16900

L couch(2 couches) x2
Moon shapes x 4(takes 8 people)
5 Round ottomans
5 Square ottomans
2 Seater Ottoman
4 Coffe tables

40 seater R25000

L Shape couch-(2 and 3 seater)x2
3 Seater Couch x1
2 Seater Couch x2
Moon Shapes x4
Center Rest x1
4 Square Ottos
3 Round Ottos
Round Coffe Tables x2
Square Coffe Tables x5

50 Seater R35000

Center Rests x2
L Shape Couch x2
Moon Shapes x 4
3 Seater Couch x3
2 Seater Couch x3
2 Seater Armed Ottoman x1
3 Seater Ottoman x1
Round Coffe Tables x2
Square Coffe Tables x5

Kids Event Couch Combos

Combo 1
1 seater chair
2 Seater couch
square coffe table
2x square ottomans

Combo 2
Moon shapes x2
Round Coffe Table
Square coffe table
1 seater chair
2 seater couch
2 square ottomans

Couch Combos

Combo C1-10 ppl-R7900

3 Seater Couch
2 Seater Couch
1x High Seater-Buttoned
2x coffe Tables
3x Square ottomans

Combo C2-10 ppl-R7200

3 Seater Couch
2 Seater Couch
Moon Shape
1x Round Coffe Table
2x Square Coffe Table
3x Square Ottomans

Combo C3-17 ppl-R8200

3 Seater Couch
2 Seater Couch
Center Rest Couch-seats 8 ppl
2 x Square Coffe Table
4x Square Ottomans

Combo C4-10 ppl-R7900

2x High Seaters Buttoned
1x Moon shape
2x Coffe Table
4x Square Ottomans

Combo C5-24 ppl R9900

2x Center rest Couches
3x Coffe Tables
2x Rectangular Long seaters
1x Square Seater


Combo C6-12 ppl-R8500

3 Seater Chaise couch x2
3 Seater buttoned Ottos x2
Round buttoned SidesTable x1

Combo C7-20 Seater-R16900

L Shape Couch-2 Couches
3 Seater Couch
2x Square Coffe Tables
1x 3 seater Ottoman
1x Square Ottoman
4x Moon shapes
1x Ice bucket Round coffe Table
Non waterproof stretch tent 5x7
Poles,pegs and rope

Combo C8-11 ppl-R7200

L Shape-2 couches
2 Seater Couch
3 Seater Ottoman
1 Seater Ottoman
Coffe Table-Square

Combo C9-10 ppl-R6900

2 Seater Chaise
1 Seater Chair
2 Seater Moonshape
2 Buttoned sides coffee tables
5 Ottomans

You place an order by paying 50%,Then we start making them.
Takes 3 weeks or less depending on workload.