3 Months Lay-Buy is acceptable

Couch Combo Set Sale

10 Seater Event couch combo R5500.00.
L Shape couch(2 Couches-2 and 3 seater)
1 Coffe Table
2 round ottomans
3 Square ottomans

All for this R5500.00

If you want with Non waterproof Stretch tent You add R1500...size 3.4x 5 meter.
Comes with Poles,pegs and ropes.

20 Seater-R8900 

U shape x2
L couch(2 couches-2 and 3 seater)
Round coffe table
Square plain coffe table
1 x three seater ottoman
3 Round ottomans
3 Square Ottomans 

30 Seater-R16900

L couch(2 couches) x2
Moon shapes x 4(takes 8 people)
5 Round ottomans
5 Square ottomans
2 Seater Ottoman
4 Coffe tables

40 seater R25000

L Shape couch-(2 and 3 seater)x2
3 Seater Couch x1
2 Seater Couch x2
Moon Shapes x4
Center Rest x1
4 Square Ottos
3 Round Ottos
Round Coffe Tables x2
Square Coffe Tables x5

50 Seater R35000

Center Rests x2
L Shape Couch x2
Moon Shapes x 4
3 Seater Couch x3
2 Seater Couch x3
2 Seater Armed Ottoman x1
3 Seater Ottoman x1
Round Coffe Tables x2
Square Coffe Tables x5

Kids Event Couch Combos-click here

Couches and ottomans.

L Shape/2 seater and 3 seater    R3800
Chaise R2500
Chesterfield R3200
2 Seater Couch R1900
3 Seater couch R2200
Round Ottoman            R200
Square Ottoman            R200
3 seater ottoman          R950
3 Seater Buttoned(ALL OVER) ottoman R1500
2 Seater Buttoned(ALL OVER) Ottoman R1000
Plain U-Shape couch/half moon  R1100
Top Buttoned U/Moon shape R1300
3 Seater Long Couch    R1900
1 Seater Kid hers/his    R950
2 Seater kids couch      R1100
Kids Ottoman               R50
Coolbar             R1400


Tiffany chair clear     R499
Phoenix Chair  clear    R499
Wimbledon chair-Adult   R360

Kiddies Tiffany R370
Kiddies Wimbledon R250

Heart shape groom and bride chairs R3500
Wingback shape groom and bride chairs R3500
Single chair Groom and Bride     R1800
Royal chair 1 seater R1900
2 Royal Chairs R3700
2 seater Royal Couch R3700
Cocktail Chair/stool         R650
Arch                                    R1900

Flooring and Red Carpet runners

Artificial Grass      R150 A meter(1x2m wide)
Red Carpet            R1500
White Carpet        R1500
Red and white carpet Runner R150 a meter
Stanchion-Gold/Silver and Rope R1100.00
Stanchion Rope    R200
Green carpet         R120 per meter


Cake Stand White                  R650
Cake Stand White Long        R850
Flower stand                           R850
Crossed legs Cake stand     R590


Stretch Round Table cloth     R250
Stretch Rec Table cloth           R200
Cocktail Table Cover-Stretch R160
Chair cover Adult                  R23
Chair cover Kids                R18

Tables and Chairs

Round Table-10 seater    R1400
Rectangular Table 6 to 8 seater R550
Cocktail Table Aluminium R800
Square/Round Coffee Table Plain R590-80cm
Buttoned sides Round Coffee table Plain top R750-80cm
Buttoned sides Round Coffee table(with glass top) R1400-80cm
Buttoned sides Round coffe Table with Ice bucket R1300-80cm

Kids Tables and Chairs

Kids Table jolly         R260
Kids Chair jolly          R60
Kids Square table    R500

Jumping Castles for Sale

coming soon


50% deposit.


Stretch Tents/Pole and peg Tents/Lycra Stretch Tents and Rigging Equipment sale

Non waterproof Stretch rigging equipment

Steel Side pole                             R160.00 1.8 meter
Steel Inside(center) pole             R190.00 3meter
Pegs                                                R30.00 each
Rope for Non Waterproof Stretch Material   R130-100meters

Aluminium Poles(can be used for both waterproof and non waterproof)

Aluminium pole 38mm 1.8Meter   R250
Aluminium pole 38mm   2.5Meter R300
Aluminium Pole 38mm  3Meter     R380
Aluminium Pole 38mm  3.5Meter  R430

Waterproof Stretch Rigging equipment.

Galvanised Side Pole  50mm    R200.00 1.8 or 2m
Galvanised  Inside Pole 50mm  R280.00 3 Meter
Galvanised Inside pole 50mm  R350  3.5 Meter
Pegs are                                    R30 each
Pole cap rubber 50mm              R230
Pole caps  32mm                        R230

Non Waterproof Stretch Tents for sale

Various Colours available-Steel Poles

Stretch Material with holes or no holes R1300 3x5****Poles R1000-10 ppl
Stretch Material with holes or no holes R1500 5x5*****poles R1500-20 ppl
Stretch Material with holes or no holes R2000 5x7*****poles R1500-30ppl
Stretch Material with holes or no holes R2500 5x10****poles R2000-40ppl
Stretch Material with holes or no holes R3500 7x12****Poles R2500-60ppl
Stretch Material with holes or no holes R3900 10x12****Poles R3000-80ppl
Stretch Material with holes or no holes R4500 10x15****Poles R3000-100ppl

Waterproof Cloth Stretch tents

5x5 Waterproof stretch tent R2000 Poles R1500
5X10 Waterproof stretch tent R3500 Poles R2500
6X12 Waterproof stretch tent R4500 Poles R2500
9X15 Waterproof stretch tent R6900 Poles R3000

Takes 2 to 4 days to process your order.

Poles are sold separately for Non waterproof stretch tents.

Heavy DutyWaterproof Stretch Tents for sale-Comes with Poles

2 Ply Waterproof Stretch tents.
100% Waterproof
High UV resistance
Easy to clean
Anti Microbial treatment
Durable water repelling treatment
Easily Branded/Printable
Available in  Grey,White and Beige Only
Rigging equipment included
Includes:        Poles,pegs and ropes


4.7x7     R12000
6X9        R14500
6X12      R21000
9X12      R29000
9X15      R35000
9X20      R44000 

50% required to place an order.It takes 2 to 3 weeks to produce your order.
You Place an order by paying 50%,2-4 days Delivery.
We deliver and courier to any place in South Africa.

PVC Marquee Tents/Pole and peg Tents-Comes with poles

-5x5  R8500.00
-5X10  R11000.00
-7X12   R14950.00
-7X12    R14950.00
-9X15  R23950.00
-9X18   R27950.00
Comes with all rigging equipment.

Lycra Stretch Tents sale-Poles are sold seperately

This material stretches more than the normal leetabs stretch tent.3d deco.Offers 80% more stretch.

Lycra is thick and stretches full 4 way.

3.4x5 R3500
5X10 R6500
7X10 R8500
9X10 R10500
10X12 R14500
10X15 R17500.

Above prices is for the tent only.
Poles are sold separately

Chair Covers and Table Cloths
Choose your colour.

Chair Cover Adult R23
Chair Cover Kids R18
Stretch Cocktail Table Cover R200
Stretch Rectangular Table cover R200
Stretch Round Table cover  R250